Innovation Design & Creativity Services


Elite Tech can supply designs in 2D and 3D which meets current industry standards. We do rapid prototyping, production drawings and documentations.


Using Autodesk Inventor release 11 to linkup / match with customer’s design

We provide Autodesk Inventor 3D computer-aided design (CAD) design service. We use Autodesk Inventor software for mechanical design and digital prototyping. This helps to validate the prototype before the product is build, so as to reduce development cost.


Using AutoCAD 2009 for product’s detail drawing

We used AutoCAD 2009 for 2D CAD drawing and conceptual design to present to customer for discussion before actual building of product.


Imported of STEP file for design improvement and dimensions check

Our clients who use other types of Design software could export their data into the STEP file format so that the data can be imported into our system to verify and check visualization of the assembly or product.


Updating / modifying of Floor Plan drawing

We have the capability to update or modify an existing floor plan drawing from our clients.


Engineeering Product Design

Our company has been providing these creative turnkey solutions for the manufacturing and other markets
since Year 2006.

We use the latest advanced technology. Our employers have the skills and experience.
Search no further.

Engineeering product design is our business.
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