Replacements of Parts Services

Replacements of Parts Services

Elite Tech Engineering offers spare part replacement by fabrication or by sourcing.


Physical items given by customer

Do you need spare parts but could not find the original supplier, or you paying too much or the delivery is too long? We can help. Send us a sample of your parts and we will reverse engineer it, fabricate it to your exact specification. Quality is assured.


Mechanical part & Electrical component

Whether your spare part is a mechanical component or electrical component, we can do the job.


Sourcing of Standard component and equivalent

Do you require critical spare parts at short notice? Let us help you find replacement parts by sourcing from our extensive contacts of suppliers. Let us be your one-stop vendor to procure your spare parts.


Changing or re-surface treatment to improve on reliability of the component

The quality of a component can be improved through changing or re-surfacing treatment. The durability can be extended through better finishing protecting it against the weather elements, and wear & tear.

Modify existing part using other process (Laser cut, EDM or Wire cut) for cost reduction

The cost spare parts can be reduced through modification. By having less parts and product simplification while retaining 100% functionality, the weight and cost can be reduced. Eliminating unnecessary parts means eliminating assembly cost, warranty and storage space.

Our company has been providing spare parts replacement services for our clients in the manufacturing industry and other industries since Year 2006.

We have the software, the technology and experience in this engineering and design business to provide turnkey solutions to meet your exact requirements.  

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