OEM Equivalent Replacement (Mechanical part)

OEM Equivalent Replacement (Mechanical part)


Reverse Engineering (hardware)  is necessary for many reasons such as these:

1.  To interface with another system

2.  To improve on the existing obsolete system by adding new technology and functionality or re-design it

3.  To fix a bug if the original product is no longer supported by the creator


Measure Components on Site

For the convenience of our customers, we go to our clients’ site to measure the components.


Improvement of Existing Components

We can improve the quality of existing components by changing to a better material, applying treatment on the surface to extend its durability, reconfigure it, re-design and add new features and functionality.


Cost Reduction

Cost reduction is possible while retaining its existing function by changing its material, or by re-design. For example a stainless steel material can be changed to an aluminum or engineering plastic. These substitutions may reduce cost, weight and improve the product in wear and tear or easy replacement.


Existing spare part without drawing (without changing of design)

We can fabricate an existing spare part to its exact design even without the availability of the original design drawing or documentation. This is to replace a broken or wear and tear part.


Modular Workstation (detachable type)

For existing old model machines which are no longer in onsite services.


Value Engineering

We apply value engineering processes to reduce cost, improve product quality and performance. While components are upgraded, the main functions remain intact.


Our method is by analysis and understanding the workings of your existing system, we find the best solution
to replace your device to your required specifications

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